For Skill Development and Career Enhancement through Sport

Skill development and Career enhancement is a must for all employees and corporates. If you want to move up the corporate ladder it is very important that you work on improving your team building skills, leadership skills etc. You will find all your answers here on how to communicate effectively, build team and leadership skills and handle work pressure to succeed in your careers.

For Career Development and Employability Skills through Sports

This program focuses on career development and enhancing the employability skills of students and make them competent enough to face the real challenges of today's corporate world. It aims to equip students with positive attitude, effective communication, time management, team skills etc. to have much better chances of success in the tough corporate world.

From Employability to Entrepreneurship through Sport

Skill development and Entrepreneurship a must for everyone who wants to succeed in a small, medium or large enterprise. It’s also very important that you work on improving your team building skills, leadership skills etc. This program is relevant for both public sector and private sector enterprises and their employees to help achieve both the individual and organizational growth.

For Like Skills, Personality and Career Development through Sports

At School level, thinking skills, social skills and emotional skills would be required at every stage say, when you become a school leader or a House Captain, or when organizing school activities and cultural festivals. It's important that you understand and develop these distinctive skills and mould yourself to face the challenges in the further stages of your life.

A Unique and innovative program for students to Learn Math and Science through Sports

Sport is a very powerful medium to impart education. Most students are familiar with one sport or the other such as cricket, football and tennis. Hence they can easily relate to, and grasp these concepts. Once the concept is understood, it is important to know its application as well. We take you through solved problems in a sports context as well as regular ones from the text book. This reinforces learning and understanding of the concept. Have fun as you learn !.

Learn English through Cricket in Partnership with the British Council

EnglishStrokes is designed to let you have lots of fun and learn along the way. You will find a variety of listening activities, video content, games, conversations, cricketing facts, fun tasks and language exercises. You can also listen to anecdotes from some of your favourite cricket players, learn more about their profiles and watch them in action! Available at 3 levels of difficulty, EnglishStrokes will help you with all your English skills.

‘Cricket Coaching made easy’ - An online program to complement your offline practice.

This program helps you to learn the nuances of cricket and understand the game of cricket in a structured way and to master the game. It's not always possible to get a good coach to help you get the basics right and then move on to become a professional. This program serves to achieve that purpose with the help of former cricketers, coaches and expert mentors.