about us

Make learning fun, innovative and easy to grasp, using the medium of sport!

T20learning.com was formed by a team of passionate people who wanted to make education more effective by using the medium of sport. Cricket and other sports are strong influencers and at the same time have widespread appeal, which cuts across language and socio-economic segmentsto keep people engaged.

We developed video and animation based products starting with CareerStrokes.com for school, college and corporate segments. Through Edustrokes.com we found that students were enthusiastic on learning Math and Science through Sport. We have partnered with the British Council to create EnglishStrokes for the South Asian market. Today we are present in over 2000 schools, colleges, and corporate and work with both the central and state governments in India. Our online learning platform has helped us reach out to the learners across the globe.

our mission

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    Make learning fun, innovative and easy to grasp, using the language of sport!

    Traditional learning methods have evolved over a period of time.With the learning environment changing, we look at providing a value add using the language of sport. With shortened attention spans, we help learners grasp concepts faster the use of Sport analogies ensures that.

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    Create innovative and scalable products using technology to make education effective

    With a huge population, and a workforce with great potential, the need for scalable training models is growing exponentially. From school education to employability skills, our results have been significant and the achievements very motivating. We hope to contribute further towards this change.

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    Make a Difference

    We hope to continue our endeavor to create value in education and skill development and are socially responsible as well. With the RTE coming along, schools have realized that to connect to the diverse student group, there is nothing better than the unifying language of sport! We also partner with NGOs,NPOs and government agencies to make our products and programs easily affordable.


K Srikkanth

Managing Director


Theme Based

This is a unique pedagogy to generate interest among learners. Every Learning Element is based on a concept such as sports (cricket) and movies. You can easily relate to these and completely internalize the concept which therefore, helps in better understanding.

Interactive AV

Each session is customized to the learning level and style of the student. The pace is absolutely one’s own. The user gets to have his own course page to navigate from one module to the next. Apart from online learning, an institutional model can be installed in your local server / system.


You get expert views as you go through each session. The experts are from diverse backgrounds like business, sport, cinema, education, media etc. Each session/ Learning Object would comprise of an audio / video component, text / visual elements and quizzes / other interactivities.

Live Interaction

Schools, Colleges and Corporate can also opt for the institutional model, where the content is loaded onto their server/local network. Product variants even have instructor-led modes where the program can be delivered through a facilitator / instructor. There is also an option of Live Interaction through webcasts and video chats. .